Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I report a counterfeit product, will my name be kept confidential?
    We will keep your name and the details of your Report confidential, subject to applicable law, but reserve the right to provide information to governmental authorities so that they may initiate appropriate investigations or seizures of Counterfeit Products. However, this information helps us to follow up more aggressively by lending credibility and reliability to the report. You can trust that uFaker will not disclose your identity except in rare cases that may be required in a legal process.
  • What reward am I entitled to?
    uFaker will provide you with an initial reward for confirmed reports. An additional reward may be payable only if Brand Owner participants choose to offer rewards and then if they pursue an investigation which is as a direct result of the information provided by you. The reward you will receive is outlined on the uFaker website – and is subject to change by Brand Owner participants.
  • What happens if more than one person reports a counterfeit target?
    In the event of multiple qualifying submissions, only the first submitter will receive the reward. If the Brand Owner knows of the counterfeit source prior to receiving any report through uFaker through its own investigations, it will not grant a reward.
  • When will I receive my reward?
    uFaker will provide you with an initial reward for confirmed reports at the time of submission. A reward will be granted by Brand Owner at its own discretion and subject to its own reward rules. This process could take several months. If the reward requirements have been met, then Brand Owner participants will consider you for a reward. For further information, please see the uFaker Rewards Terms and Conditions available on the uFaker website.
  • How can I confirm that you've received my counterfeit report?
    You will receive an email reply from uFaker soon after submitting your anti-piracy report or you can sign in using your user name and password or reference number if you signed on anonymously.
  • What does uFaker do to follow-up on the leads I submit?
    uFaker does not follow up. uFaker processes every lead and the Brand Owner's actions can take many forms, including: no action, an investigation, a warning letter or civil or to criminal prosecution.
  • I submitted a report for a brand owner that does not appear to be part of uFaker – will I still receive a reward?
    We are making every effort to add as many Brand Owners to uFaker. We will send the Brand Owner your report. If they join, you may receive a reward at the Trademark Oweners discretion at some time in the future. uFaker will grant you with a reward of appreciation for the submission though in due course.
  • I made a report several weeks ago and the target is still distributing counterfeit products. Why haven't you done anything about it?
    Unfortunately, stopping someone from illegally distributing counterfeit products can be a lengthy process. While the Brand Owner participants would like to end it immediately, investigating a suspicion of counterfeit goods often takes many months. Be assured that the individual that you reported is being investigated.
  • I reported a company for counterfeit activities. Can you tell me how the investigation is going?
    Brand Owner participants devote substantial time and energy to its fight against counterfeiting, and you can be assured that it is taking the appropriate action in response to your report. Communications received are legally privileged and confidential. Therefore, status reports and details regarding investigations or case matters relating to individuals or organizations cannot be disclosed. You may review the status of your reward at the uFaker website using your user name and password or reference number if you signed on anonymously.