Thank you for providing your counterfeit report ("Report"). uFaker will provide rewards (discount on third party website purchases) for confirmed reports. In addition to the uFaker reward, uFaker's brand owner participants may also offer rewards under this counterfeit rewards program ("Reward Program") to encourage reporting. In order to be eligible for a reward under the Reward Program, and to accept the offer of a reward, you must read carefully and be bound by the following terms and conditions ("Terms and Conditions").

You agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions upon making your Report. This Reward Program applies only to counterfeit products (each a "Counterfeit Product"). Any entity involved in the manufacture, sale, distribution or importation of Counterfeit Products is referred to as a "target."
This is the entire agreement in connection with the Reward Program and supersedes any oral or written representations, statements, or agreements not expressly set forth in these Terms and Conditions.

To participate in this Reward Program you must not be a minor. Your Report must be truthful, accurate and complete. In order to receive a reward, You must include your contact information, all details known to you of the target and concerning the alleged counterfeit products and all other pertinent information relative to the event reported.

We will keep your name and the details of your Report confidential, subject to applicable law, but reserve the right to provide information to governmental authorities so that they may initiate appropriate investigations or seizures of Counterfeit Products.

uFaker will grant an initial reward for all confirmed submissions.

A Brand Owner must be a registered member of uFaker in order for You to be eligible for a reward from the Brand Owner. If you submit a report for a Brand Owner that is not using uFaker, we will send the report to the Brand Owner and if they join uFaker you may receive a reward at Brand Owner discretion.

The decision to grant a reward based upon your Report and the amount of that reward shall be decided in the sole discretion of Brand Owner participants. uFaker is not involved with the determination to grant or not grant an award. You expressly agree to hold uFaker harmless from any claim related to any Report and potential reward granted or not granted.

Under no circumstances will the reward be made where Brand Owner participants determines that the person providing the information has knowingly or recklessly provided false or misleading information or has failed to disclose information to uFaker which is material to its investigation or the Report. Under no circumstances does uFaker and Brand Owner participants assume any obligation to represent, defend, or indemnify you in the event that you become the subject of a legal action as a result of providing information to uFaker, the commencement of an enforcement action or otherwise.

Multiple rewards will not be awarded with respect to any related counterfeiting incidents or actions. Thus, the total amount of any reward shall be one (1), even if there are multiple manufacturers, distributors, label printers or warehouses involved in connection with your Report or if your Report provides information on a number of related manufacturing, distributions or sale patterns.

You are solely responsible for any and all taxes associated with the reward, including, without limitation, any and all local, state, federal or any other taxes payable in connection with the Reward.

Brand Owner participants exercise sole control over any action against an infringer based upon the information provided by you. Brand Owner participants reserve the complete right to determine, in their absolute discretion, whether they believes your Report is truthful, accurate and complete and whether to pursue your Report, any related investigations or any related counterfeit reports. You have no right to contest Brand Owner participants' determination. Brand Owner participants have no obligation to investigate or take any action whatsoever on information provided by any person seeking a reward under this Reward Program.

If it becomes necessary for you to provide more information or to participate in the investigation then, to the extent permitted by applicable law, ethical guidelines or otherwise, Brand Owner participants may agree to reimburse you for your time and pre-approved costs and expenses in connection with your participation in the investigation. This participation may include follow-up relating to your Report, interviews or testifying in court.

This Reward Program can be modified, altered, or suspended in any way and at any time in uFaker's sole and absolute discretion. uFaker and Brand Owner participants reserve the right to determine whether you are eligible for the Reward Program and may, in its sole discretion, waive any requirements under this Reward Program in order to make a reward. The reward amount set forth in this Reward Program may be amended, reduced or deviated from, in uFaker or Brand Owner participants' discretion. This Reward Program shall only apply if it is in compliance with all applicable laws in your jurisdiction including, without limitation, local, state, federal and other laws. Rewards are not available where prohibited by federal, state, local or foreign law, rules or regulations, or by applicable rules of professional responsibility or other provisions.

These Terms and Conditions, the Rewards Program and any and all disputes arising thereunder shall be governed by the laws of the state of New York, exclusive of its conflicts of law provisions. This Reward Program and any disputes between you and Brand Owner participants and/or uFaker shall be subject to this choice of law provision. Any claim, dispute or matter between you and/or uFaker or Brand Owners shall be exclusively litigated in the state of New York.