If you would like to change your account password, you may do so from the "My Account" section. If you have forgotten your password, you may have it sent to the e-mail address that you used to create your account from the Login page.


To get started managing and tracking your counterfeit matters and collaborating with your anti-counterfeiting team, enter your Brands, IP Rights and Products.
Brands & IP Rights
uFaker organizes counterfeit Matters by Brands and IP Rights. Click the link for "Add IP Right" in the "IP Rights" Tab of your Dashboard. Here you can add Brands and IP Rights for which you would wish to create counterfeit Matters.
Brands. A Brand is a trademark and can also be the name of your company (e.g. Nike, Louis Vuitton, Apple).
IP Rights. An IP Right can be a trademark, trade dress or copyright that is associated with your Brand. Every Brand you enter into the Brand/IP Right Profile MUST have at least one IP Right associated with it. When you enter a new Brand, an IP Right will automatically be created with same name as the Brand (e.g. If you enter "Nike" into the "Add Brand" section, a "Nike" IP Right will be automatically created as well). You can then add additional IP Rights associated with the each Brand, (e.g. For Nike - Air Max, Air Jordan or the "Swoosh" Design). Ufaker gives a Brand Owner the flexibility to enter, add and edit your Brands and IP Rights at any time.
Each IP Right MUST be associated with one or more products for which you want to track counterfeits. A Company may choose as few or as many products to track as they wish. (e.g. For Nike products might include: sneakers, hats, t-shirts, socks, among others). Again, uFaker gives a Brand Owner the flexibility to enter, add and edit products at any time.
Optional Counterfeit Guide
Create a "Counterfeit Guide" for each of your IP Rights to help familiarize and train your anti-counterfeiting team (and consumers, if you choose) on how to identify counterfeits. Enter as much or as little information as you wish. Counterfeit Guides can be kept private, shared with your anti-counterfeiting team members, or shared with the public.
Optional Rewards for Consumer Counterfeit Hunters
If you have decided to recruit consumers to help you in your pursuit of counterfeiters, you may also choose to offer them rewards (e.g. discounts on authentic products) for reports that lead to successful actions against counterfeiters by including your offer in the Counterfeit Guide Section and making it available to the public.


Start entering your new and existing counterfeit matters manually by clicking the "Enter New Matter" button from inside your account or contact uFaker directly to discuss options for entering your existing electronic data automatically. Each Matter must have at least one Target associated with it. You can enter alternate names, company and/or personal information, and affiliations relevant to a target. The Connections link will display related Targets within a Matter and across all Matters (referred to as "Affiliates") on a Map. Each time you enter a new Target as part of a Matter, the Target will be added to your proprietary database of counterfeiters and you will have the ability to reference, update and assign these Targets to new Matters on an on-going basis.


You can invite your anti-counterfeiting team members (e.g., subsidiaries, law firms, clients, licensees, investigators, and law enforcement) to join uFaker and work with you on your counterfeit Matters by sending an invite from the Permissions tab of your Dashboard. Once they have created an account, you may assign them access on a matter-by-matter basis. The link in your Permissions tab allows you to change the level of access for each member of your team.


If you have any questions or would like personalized assistance from our team in setting up your uFaker account, please do not hesitate to contact us at We would be happy to conduct on-line set-up, demo and training.
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